Monday, 1 December 2014


 A thought planted five years back has brought about an enrichment that will advantage Christ the King Parish's Knights of Columbus Council for quite a long time to come. 

At the point when the Most Rev. John C. Wester, Bishop of Salt Lake City, and authorities of the Catholic Foundation of Utah went by the Cedar City area in 2008, they talked about the open door for parishioners to give long haul budgetary backing to the ward by making enrichments. The knot aggregate for the gifts is contributed and the investment circulated every year to the recipient assigned by the individual who builds the enrichment. The base sum for a named enrichment is $10,000. 

The CFU was created in 1984 and now administers 284 enrichments, the latest which came to fruition as an issue of that 2008 gathering, despite the fact that it required some serious energy to create. 

Norita (Kay) Sheehan went to the gathering however didn't promptly follow up on the data displayed. Her spouse, William A. Sheehan, had passed away the prior year, and "I simply thought in the once more of my psyche, 'You, know, that is something I'd like to do in his memory.'" 

The Sheehans moved to Cedar City in 1973 and both were dynamic in the ward. Around then, "we were such a modest area, to the point that it took every one of us cooperating to accomplish things down here," Kay Sheehan said. 

Case in point, when the old church on 200 West was torn down and modified, "that new church was developed with a ton of area volunteer work," she said, including that her spouse was among the three men who were regarded a while later for having helped the most volunteer hours at the revamping. 

"At whatever time that the congregation required a volunteer for a task, Bill was up front," said Sam Kravetz, a past Grand Knight of the Cedar City Council and current District Marshal for the Fourth Degree of the Utah Knights of Columbus. "He simply couldn't do what's necessary for other individuals in the congregation." 

William Sheehan likewise taught religious instruction, assisted with the ward's Diocesan Development Drive, aided in the Saint Bridget Parish in Milford (which was then a mission of the area) and was a contract part of the Knights of Columbus Council, Kay Sheehan said. Along these lines, when she considered creating an enrichment in his name, she thought first of having it advantage the ward's building store, then for the area as an issue. 

"At the same time my considerations held returning to the Knights of Columbus and I at last chose, 'Guess what? I think some person's attempting to pound me on the head, and this is the place this enrichment needs to go, to the Knights of Columbus,'" she said. "I simply felt it was something I needed to accomplish for this specific board in his memory." 

While making her arrangements, Kay Sheehan additionally thought about holding up to build the gift until her will was executed. In any case, "I concluded that I could do this now," she said, so she put aside a smidgen of cash every month until the William A. Sheehan Endowment for the Knights of Columbus Council 11246 Cedar City was secured on Nov. 15. 

"I've not denied myself of anything that I've needed to do or required to do or detracted anything from my family," she said.